Introducing Stephen Jannise, Paramount Film Institute Programmer

The Paramount Theatre is thrilled to welcome Stephen Jannise as the new film programmer for the Paramount Film Institute, covering year-round screenings at both the Paramount and Stateside Theatres.

Read the official announcement on the Austin360 Movie Blog.

Jesse Trussell, our previous film programmer, recently moved to New York and we wish him all the best after two years of unique, eclectic, and time-honored programming for the Summer Classic Film Series, the Moontower Comedy Festival, holiday series, and beyond.

Stephen joins us after 18 months as the film programmer for the highly regarded Austin Film Festival, so Austin cinephiles can expect great things when it comes to film lineups at our two historic theatres.

“Joining the Paramount Theatre as the new Film Programmer is an absolute dream come true for me,” says Stephen. “The opportunity to select the films that will make the long journey up to the projection booth, in a movie palace as beautiful and historic as the Paramount, is an honor and a privilege.

That said, I’m equally excited about programming for the State Theatre and all of the possibilities that this space can provide. As a programmer and a film fan, I can’t wait to explore new avenues and see films both old and new flickering up on these screens more frequently. But our regulars shouldn’t worry: we’ll always have Casablanca.”

We look forward to working with Stephen, kicking off with our holiday films in early December (lineup announced soon). Stay tuned to this blog, which Stephen will be taking over, and our Film Homepage for all the latest news regarding the Paramount Film Institute.

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3 Responses to Introducing Stephen Jannise, Paramount Film Institute Programmer

  1. Mario says:

    Is it too soon to start making requests for next summer? More silents of all genres (Chaplain, Keaton, AND Lloyd) and bring back Western week. I’ve been waiting years to take my kids to see The Searchers, Ox Bow Incident, Stagecoach, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, etc. etc.

    • Mario says:

      That is to say, silent dramas and comedies and horror etc.–AND show us comedies from all of the big three instead of just Chaplain.

  2. Mike Nassour says:

    We didn’t attend a single, solitary film last summer because many of those we wanted to see were shown in the middle of the week. I would also submit that the summer film series is not the time to be “experimental”. During the summer, many of us are looking for familiar diversions. Old favorites such as the Marx Brothers and other, yes, cliches, are always appreciated. So we were disappointed last summer not only in the scheduling but the content as well. We’re looking forward to a new summer film series this year that will bring us a better mix of the familiar and new.

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