2012 Summer Classic Film Series announced!

Here it comes! The full lineup for the Paramount and Stateside Theatres for the 2012 Summer Classic Film Series!

I’m really excited for this year’s series to kick off with TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD on May 24th, and there’s dozens of gems throughout the summer. A few personal highlights:

  • An archival print of Orson Welles’s noir classic THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI
  • James Dean in Nicholas Ray’s REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, one of the definitive cinemascope films
  • A week highlighting female filmmakers, including rare screenings of Ida Lupino’s OUTRAGE and Dorothy Arzner’s DANCE GIRL DANCE
  • 75th anniversary screenings of a new print of THE GRAND ILLUSION and an archival print of THE AWFUL TRUTH
  • Jean-Luc Godard’s apocalyptic cinematic assault WEEKEND, on a new print
  • Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s lost sci-fi classic WORLD ON A WIRE
  • An entire week of Hitchcock, ending with NORTH BY NORTHWEST- my favorite adventure movie!

It’s going to be an excellent summer here at the theatres. Hope to see you at the movies!


About Jesse Trussell

Film programmer for the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX.
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