AMIA screenings at the Paramount.

We have some amazing screenings happening here at the Paramount Saturday night in conjuction with the Association of Moving Image Archivists’s annual conference taking place in Austin this year. All are free and open to the public!

9:00am – We Can’t Go Home Again

1976 / 90 min / Color

Rickie Bock, Tom Farrell, Danny Fisher. Directed by Nicholas Ray

We Can’t Go Home Again is an experimental, multi-narrative film bordering on cinema and visual arts. A collaboration between student filmmakers and director Nicholas Ray, a film professor at Harpur College, Ray continued to experiment and re-edit the film until his death in 1979.

10:45am – Passages from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake
1966 / 97 min / Black & White

Page Johnson, Martin J. Kelley, Jane Reilly. Directed by Mary Ellen Bute

Whether viewed as an opera, a subtitled foreign language film, or a labor of love to Joycean language and wit, Finnegans Wake is a tribute to the filmmaking genius of Mary Ellen Bute (1906-1983) and Ted Nemeth (1911-1986).

1:00pm – Amateur Night: Home Movies from American Archives

Approx. 90 min

Dramatic, funny, poignant and even strange, Amateur Night presents 16 amateur films from the collections of American film archives. Featuring films by average Joes alongside notables like Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Nixon, animator Helen Hill and Smokey Bear, Amateur Night adds to the images archival audio, commentaries from family members, and newly-recorded music.

3:00pm – Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives

1977 / 133 min / Color

Directed by Nancy Adair, Andrew Brown, Rob Epstein

The first feature-length documentary about lesbian and gay identity made by gay filmmakers, “Word is Out” captures the voice of the emerging gay rights movement of the 1970s. This film was restored in 2009 by the Outfest Legacy Project for LGBT Film Preservation, a collaboration between Outfest and the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

8:00pm – AMIA Restoration Screening: A Night At The Movies

Nothing Sacred

1937 / 77 min / Black & White

Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Charles Winninger. Directed by William A. Wellman

A Night at the Movies

1937 / 10 min / Black & White

Robert Benchley. Directed by Roy Rowland

It’s a night at the movies circa 1937! Complete with a newsreel, cartoon, trailers, a short film and the magnificent Technicolor delight, Nothing Sacred, David O. Selznick’s screwball comedy classic starring Carole Lombard and Frederic March. The restoration is from the original YCM nitrate camera negative which has been unseen outside of a few screenings and is being presented in 35mm. And what better way to start a night at the movies than with the classic A Night at the Movies.


About Jesse Trussell

Film programmer for the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX.
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