5 Overlooked Gems.

Sure, it’s super exciting to see CASABLANCA or VERTIGO on the big screen, but what about some classics you’ve yet to discover? Here are five double features with a great classic paired with something you may not know about but is a future favorite waiting to happen.

1. BONNIE AND CLYDE/THEY LIVE BY NIGHT: Lovers on the run, outlaws one step ahead of the police. The stuff of classic cinema. So why not pair of one the best of that genre, BONNIE AND CLYDE with one of it’s own key inspirations, Nicholas Ray’s 1949 debut THEY LIVE BY NIGHT? Farley Granger and Cathy O’Donnell star as star crossed lovers pulled back in for one more job.

2. BURN!/LAST TANGO IN PARIS: Marlon Brando was a tornado on screen. Here we have one of his most heralded performances in LAST TANGO paired with a little seen but incredible film by Gillo Pontecorvo (THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS). Brando stars as a professional mercenary that orchestrates a Slave revolt to improve the British sugar trade.

3. BRAZIL/QUINTET: Dark futures, auteur style. Gilliam’s much celebrated look at corporate bureacracy run amok is paired with one of Robert Altman’s lesser known films, the intriguing QUINTET. Paul Newman stars in this film about an ice age future wherein a dice game is the only way to pass the time, but some people play for bigger stakes.

4. PSYCHO/PEEPING TOM: These films came out within months of each other, and defined what the horror film would become for the next 5 decades. Michael Powell, director of the ballet classic THE RED SHOES creates with PEEPING TOM a terrifyingly self reflexive tale of a filmmaker gone mad.

5. THE AFRICAN QUEEN/HOLIDAY: With her refined charm and grace, Katherine Hepburn was the epitome of the classic star, always able to hold her own against any any of her biggest co-stars. THE AFRICAN QUEEN pairs her with Bogart in a match of wits, but HOLIDAY allows her to play a different side in one of the most charming comedies of the screwball era.


About Jesse Trussell

Film programmer for the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX.
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