Some Oscar thoughts.

Not to add to the million pieces you can read online today about the (maybe, sorta) worst Oscars ever, but here’s a couple quick thoughts.

  • My favorite films nominated last night didn’t win, but here’s one more plug for them. Yorgos Lanthimos’s best foreign language Oscar entry DOGTOOTH was my favorite film of 2010, but its incredibly odd mix of black humor and wordplay with a jagged cinematic style was one of the great blasts of fresh air I’ve had at the cinema in some time. Can’t wait to see his new film, which is tipped to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.
  • My other personal favorite was perhaps the most enjoyable and fun documentary released in 2010. Street artist/provocateur Banksy’s profile or art world take-down EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP features incredible characters and asks some vital questions about the place of art in society, all while being consistently engaging and funny.
  • Finally, on the performance artist/movie star that is James Franco. Yes he famously loves “having jobs” and creating 12 hour installation pieces about acting, but I’m still a little skeptical of our modern hipster renaissance man. For me his tired-of-being-here shtick wore a little thin throughout the night, and Anne Hathaway’s game/desperate attempts to save the material made it feel like each was hosting a different show. It’s certainly a bad sign when 58 year old clips of Bob Hope are the only things getting laughs, though it is hard to top Bob Hope at being funny. For example.

Finally, I wanted to mention that I’d love to get feedback about our programming so far this year, and suggestions for possible titles for the summer series. I’ve got some exciting things in the works, but would love more input! Feel free to leave a comment on this post or send me an email at

See you at the movies!


About Jesse Trussell

Film programmer for the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX.
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2 Responses to Some Oscar thoughts.

  1. elizs says:

    “True Grit” was robbed!

    I love the summer film series, and am excited to see what’s coming up. My favorites are the 1930’s-40’s comedies and musicals. I’m hoping there will be some Fred & Ginger movies, Marx Brothers movies, and perhaps a Preston Sturges double feature? or Thin Man double feature? Barbara Stanwyck double feature? Ginger without Fred double feature?

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